Your Ultimate Bucket List For Hiking
June 9, 2022

If you are an outdoors enthusiast, then you must have that ‘ultimate bucket list’ of places you would wish to visit before time runs out.

Finding a new and exciting hiking trail must be on top of your priority list. These ultimate hiking destinations should cover the most serious hiking grounds. If you do not have them on your list, then you should!

Route de l’Escalade in Arizona

If you’re looking for a reason to sleep under the stars, you’ve come to the right place. This five-day, 33-mile Grand Canyon hike will leave you wondering what’s next.

If you are an intermediate hiker, you will find this one to be rewarding, with crawling through slot canyons and plummeting from the rim to the river.

Trail of John MuirCalifornia

Hikers on this trail get the best of what the Sierra Mountains have to offer by hiking at a steady elevation of 8,000 feet. With each step, you’ll see granites, stunning views at the highest level, and alpine lakes.

Hike between June and September because the high elevations get a lot of snow the rest of the year. There is a 30-foot cliff near the Hance Rapids that you’ll have to scale, so look forward to that.

The Presidential Traverse from Hut to Hut

New Hampshire is the destination for this hiking bucket list trip. The trek, which runs for 25.5 miles from the Madison Hut to the Mizpah Spring Hut, is a must-do for practically every hiker, experienced or not.

You’ll tour several of the key New England summits over the course of 3 to 4 days, including Mt. Washington, Madison, and Jefferson. Hiking above the tree line frequently rewards you with breathtaking vistas of glacier cirques, alpine vegetation, and never-before-seen horizon sunrises.

Choose one or two summits to hike rather than attempting to reach them all; trekking at such a great level will provide you with spectacular views of the entire route.

Trail of the Neusiok North Carolina 

If you don’t feel like hiking the 900-mile Mountains-to-Sea Trail, here is a great alternative. This 20-mile hiking trek begins on the Neuse River’s sandy beaches and takes you through a range of environments, including wetlands and coastal bogs.

This hike is ideal for the beginner hiker who wants to get a taste of hiking at its most varied. On the trail, rectangular aluminum pieces are affixed to trees to indicate the correct path. If you don’t notice these signs, you’ve probably gone off the beaten path.

The trail passes through a variety of remote regions, be careful of the people around you and anything strange. There are times when there is no cellular service or rangers on the path, so maintaining a high level of vigilance is essential.

The Traverse of the Needles Colorado

This climb should be on your hiking bucket list for a variety of reasons, including wildflowers, mining ruins, and many mountain passes. You’ll find some of the most rugged paths in the Rockies if you travel 50.5 miles south to west.

You’ll see a fourteener on this hike if you’ve never seen one before. Bring a map and make sure you know how to read it because you’ll be traveling through several miles of rural country with limited signs.