Top 5 Musical Instruments Your Kids Can Learn
April 3, 2022

Music is a great way to have fun, and music education has been shown to help kids with language, reading, and memorization skills. Music and musical instruments are also excellent career paths besides being hobbies. Whether you’re looking for a pastime for your children or you want them to become music professionals, here are the top 5 musical instruments to get your kids started.

1. Piano

Learning to play the piano is arguably the best foundation for anyone willing to start music and go all the way. Being a melodic instrument, you get introduced to tonality, intervals, chords, and harmony as music concepts. Rhythm and dynamics are also not left out. It encourages kids to pick up most music theory concepts while having fun.

It becomes easier to branch out into other aspects of music and instruments because these ideas are the foundation of music as a whole. It is easy to learn without all the theory if you’re just looking to have fun and play along to a few songs.

2. Acoustic Guitar

Guitars come in many different types and functions. From the bass to the lead, they cut across the musical register. The acoustic guitar is probably the most beginner-friendly. It is cheaper than its electrical counterparts and doesn’t need an amp to function.

Like the piano, it also generally introduces many music theory concepts. Its portability makes it great for small gatherings and campfires. Many guitar learning contents also exist online if getting physical lessons is not what you want. Once you get a capo and learn a few chords, you can start strumming along to most pop songs.

3. Drums

While you might become the annoying neighbor, the drums are a great instrument to get kids going. It might not be a melodic instrument like the others, but it has an ABCD; Any Body Can Drum. It is elementary to get started and can be a fun workout. Children love it and can get to use all of their limbs. It is worthy to state that while you might understand the intricacies of rhythms and the importance of dynamics, you will miss out on many musical concepts. Electric drums exist as a solution to the noise from acoustic sets. Just put on your favorite songs and try to play along.

4. Violin

Violins cut across many music genres but are most popular in classical music. It is a solid place to start if you want your kids to get theoretical knowledge and love classical music. It would be best to have a tutor, and it shouldn’t be hard to find as they are a staple in orchestras and ensembles. Violinists generally learn to sight-read, which is a plus for any musician.

5. Recorder

The recorder is the cheapest instrument on this list. The low barrier of entry makes it a fun place to start for kids. Recorders have a limited note range and are not commonplace in today’s music. Despite this, they help lay a solid foundation for children as they may not handle bigger woodwind and brass instruments well. They make the transition easier.

The harmonica, xylophone, and hand percussion are other instruments kids can learn. Whatever you choose, getting started with music will always be a step in the right direction.