Bestselling Kids Novel In 2021
April 17, 2022

Finding the perfect book can be stressful, especially when it comes to children. Your choice can either be incredibly interesting enough to keep them reading or awfully boring to keep them engaged.

The enjoyment of reading is directly proportional to how interesting specific novels are. But every year, a large number of books are published. This makes it tough to weed out literature that we believe is vital for our children.

Here is a list of bestsellers in 2021.

1. Little Blue Trucks Valentine

Little Blue Truck Valentine is a part of the little Blue Truck series. This New York best seller is a fantastic book about a little truck that goes about sharing valentine’s cards to surrounding neighbors. This little novel by Alice Schertle was rated top for 12 weeks on the New York best seller rating. It also ranked 1st on Amazon’s bestseller.

2. Change Sings

Amanda Gorman wrote this 2021 novel to pass the message that children have the power to cause massive or little change while challenging the mind of kids and empowering them to believe they can cause considerable change in the world. The writer used simple words in the novel to make the message clear and understandable.

3. Just Help! How to Build a better world

This novel was written with the hope of inspiring kids to make the world a better place. Sonia intended to educate children on their roles in making a better world. The writer illustrated this through the main character and her mother, who questioned her daily on how she intends to make the world a better place. The writer also gives us a twist by allowing Sophia to answer these questions daily.

4. Love for the Hungry Caterpillar

This classical story has been a best seller since the early 2000s. This novel is quite educative as it tells a story of a caterpillar who keeps eating till he gets sick and has to search for a particular leaf to get well. It teaches the value and costs of self-control. The book also depicts the inevitability of growth through the stage-by-stage development of the caterpillar into a butterfly.

5. I am a Book. I am the Portal to the Universe

This fast-selling book was released in April 2021. The book is deeply engaging as it was written to challenge the minds of young kids. The book is intriguing and engaging as it exposes kids to the importance of knowledge. This book was crafted especially for kids from ages 8 and above. The 112 pages book is loaded with enough messages to make kids know the power of information.

If your children like reading, you would be doing them a lot of good by adding these books to their libraries. The books are not only interesting and educational, but they also keep children occupied, allowing you ample time to catch up on that movie rerun, get a manicure, try out that new cuisine dish, or enjoy a free evening with your partner.