Benefits of Outdoor Activities for Kids
April 18, 2022

Gen Z kids are spoiled for choice when it comes to activities to engage in. Many would rather play games, stay on the internet or watch TV. Some resort to board games when they are bored and would rather not leave the house. Indoor activities are great because you keep a close eye on them, and they can still learn, but why limit them?

It is advisable to get your kids up and take them outdoors once in a while. Here are some benefits of outdoor activities for kids.

1. Physical Development

When children engage in outdoor activities, they usually perform medium to high-level workouts. This means that there’ll be higher energy levels, improved stamina, and agility with consistency. This form of exercise will help them stay fit and healthy.

Exposure to sunlight helps children produce desired levels of vitamin D. Children get to develop their motor skills and are forced to use all of their senses to interact with the world around them. Getting in the dirt also helps elevate natural immunity.

2. Better Socialization

Kids are more likely to meet other people when playing outside. This fosters regular social interaction between kids and others. It helps build confidence as well as make friends in the neighborhood.

Greater self-awareness and a higher likelihood of being open with parents or guardians are also perks of playing outdoors. Playing outdoor games can help kids learn how to handle competition. Children also get to face many childhood phobias. This makes getting over them more manageable.

3. Building a Love for Nature

A deep sense of appreciation and respect for one’s immediate surroundings and nature as a whole is developed by spending time outside. This is because they have first-hand experience with animals and plants. It becomes a little personal when you’ve watched animals grow, planted flowers, picked up insects, and witnessed a sunset. Children can pick up activities like gardening, bird watching, butterfly spotting, rock collection, and even climbing. These would help raise environmentally conscious children.

4. Enhanced Curiosity

Encountering a different terrain every day, this kind of hands-on learning can leave children wanting to know more. The expanded learning space allows children to acquire new information, especially when learning materials are also brought outside. Their inquisitiveness makes them question everything, and this is an excellent time to introduce some scientific concepts to them. Life sciences, biology, chemistry, and physical sciences are great subjects to bring outside.

Adult supervision is one part of outdoor activities that shouldn’t be left out. The curiosity in kids can leave them putting any and everything in their mouths. They can also get hurt and need medical attention as soon as possible. Always have a first aid kit at home. The closer to home, the better. That way, you can supervise their activities and be conscious of the kind of people they interact with. This isn’t to say you should be over-protective of your kids; let them have fun.